Quality Natural Massage Cream in Phoenix

Why is Natural CBD Cream the best?

When it comes to shopping for the best Natural massage cream in Tempe or Phoenix, it helps to know what makes Hemp & CBD creams your best option!

Many consumers find CBD to provide a soothing and relaxing effect better than other options that don’t contain any cannabinoids. While being an extract from the same hemp plant as THC, CBD contains less than .03% THC making it federally legal under the 2018 farm bill.

Research shows that Cannabinoid muscle balm may work to ease stiffness and other general soreness, but CBD has also shown potential in targeting other conditions when used as a topical. Some of these conditions include inflammation, skin conditions like psoriasis and small wounds. 

How does CBD balm work?

Topical CBD products work to target specific parts of the body to potentially soothe pain in areas such as joints and muscles. While the CBD gets absorbed into the skin, it doesn't enter the bloodstream. This makes Natural Healing balms like this a preferred option for individuals who want to stay away from typical over the counter medication.

At Jefros Botanicals we aim to provide the best in natural massage cream solutions in the Tempe and Phoenix areas. Our massage creams are unique as they include an additional element, Copper Bio-CU1 (Copper1) that provides additional benefits our competitors' balms don’t! Visit our website and check out our selections of products ranging from our popular Extra Strength Massage Cream and our Copper+ Topical Relief Cream

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Quality Natural Massage Cream in Phoenix
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